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Booking your wedding photographer!

Hylands Estate

15th October 2021 – Advice

Written by Amy Brown


They say a picture has the magic to make a moment last forever, so picking the perfect photographer is paramount. We’ve reached out to G5 Studios to offer some top tips to consider when looking for your wedding photographer!

Where do I start?

Speak to friends and family to understand their experiences with photographers and have a look over their wedding images and albums. You could then follow up any suggestions online to see larger galleries of work on the photographers website and be sure to pop over to their social media sites to see how active they are there. A good photographer will want to showcase their work regularly to their audience.

Here’s what Syed at G5 Studios has to say:

“Word of mouth or direct recommendations are usually the best, as someone has already had a great experience.
Your personal choice will more than likely be influenced initially by the style of photography or cinematography you like.

“There are many examples of photography and cinematography you can find online. If one stands out look further into that company and maybe consider browsing their website and arranging a call. Photo and Video companies come and go all the time, if the company you are considering has been in the game for good while, take that as a big positive.”

What information do I need to obtain a quote?

As with booking all wedding suppliers, you’ll need to have some basic details ready in order for your chosen photographer to be able to assist you, these could be:
1. Date/s of your event
2. An estimation of the hour of your event/s
3. Name and address of the wedding venue/s
4. An idea of your guest numbers
5. Your budget and expectation

Timings and considerations

We asked G5 Studios what things are important to consider when planning your wedding day timeline.

“We know it can be difficult to factor enough time for each element of your wedding but it’s important to save time to capture the precious images that will stay with you long after the day has ended!

“As we will be capturing images throughout the day the only time that we require some dedicated time to photography is for the couple shoot. The length of the couple shoot can vary but on average we could need anything from 30 minutes to an hour. What the venue has to offer and the size of the venue can greatly affect the time needed for couple shots. We have an advantage at Hylands Estate because of our experience of shooting many weddings at this amazing venue, as we have already scouted the best places to photograph, this will save a lot of time.

“We work with our couples, so we fit around you, all the while ensuring the most important aspects of your day are captured artistically and intimately.”

“There will be many elements of your big day that will require planning to ensure it runs smoothly and in a timely manner. As you will be under time constraints from the various suppliers, it is important you stick to your itinerary as close as possible. Out of all the suppliers the one that will be with you from start to finish is the photographer. We always liaise with our couples to ensure your event moves on time.”

G5 Studio Spotlight

“We would describe our style of photography as a natural photo journalistic approach. We only really require posed shots for the couple shoot. Don’t worry if you are nervous in front of the camera or not an expert at posing. We like to build rapport with our couples, making it fun and easy to be natural in front of the camera.

One recommendation we ask all our couples is to consider allocating the couple shoot time during Golden Hour. About half an hour before Sunset is when the light is at its best and can make for magical photos!”

Picture Perfect Hylands

“Hylands is a marvellous venue, it is a classy backdrop that sets the stage for a memorable and grand wedding. There are many spectacular locations from the Banqueting Room to the Grand Staircase, to the Pleasure Gardens a short walk from the venue. Our favourite location would be at Sunset at the front of the house, when the lighting is right it is magnificent sight to behold!

It’s always a pleasure to work at Hylands, the staff make everyone’s life easier on the day and their hospitality is second to none.”

To speak to Syed at G5 Studios

To find out how to book your own Hylands Wedding contact the team on: | 01245 605500 |


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